Over the past few years  public secondary schools and private schools organize excursions where students visit our field for a fun half-day paintball activity. As part of a school's activities paintball has become one of the most favorite excursions. With more than 4 hours of games students and teachers join teams to get painted.

Colleges & Universities

Students from different cities, countries or studies come together and bond with their teammates and opponents. Whether your College/University plans a private event between its students, or even an entire Erasmus event for all to join, paintball is considered an ideal way to blow off some steam from exams and projects.

Student Clubs

Clubs and groups of students based in outdoors activities, extreme sports or even irrelevant subjects turn to paintball for a productive and fun day.


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Small Groups - 10 to 19 students

If you want to come with your classmates, fellow students or club members give us a call to book for 2-3 hour games. The package includes full equipment and 200 paintballs per person.


Large Groups - 20 to 29 students

Whole classes competing each other or even university students performing a mini tournament. Usually 3-3.5 hour games. The package includes full equipment and 300 paintballs per person.


Huge Groups- 30 to 150 students

A school excursion for the entire school (gymnasium or lyceum) , a university's students or a whole Erasmus event from all universities and colleges. Usually 3.5-4.5 hour games. The package includes full equipment and 400 paintballs per person, plus smoke grenades for the teams.


500 Paintballs Group €25
Smoke Grenade €5
Full Equipment & Paintballs
Paintballs vary according to participants
Weekdays Only

Full Equipment & Paintballs

The rental of full equipment including coverall suit, gloves, neck protector, mask and your paintball marker. Included are paintballs for each player depending on the number of participants.

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