The Kids Paintball equipment is designed for young ages and all children or grown ups joining must use this equipment and will receive the following:

  Protective Mask - Mandatory

   Coverall suit - Recomended

  Gloves & Neck protector - Optional

 Even if a group of grown ups are playing, while having children with them, they must use the Kids Paintball equipment.


When grown-ups play paintball the price is depended on how many paintballs each player wants to use. The players usually use 250-300 paintballs for their games and they get to choose how many  to use each game. This is difficult to be applied in young children so our package has a fixed amount of paintballs (250 paintballs/child) where 50 paintballs per child are used each game. This gives the children the opportunity to play 5-8 games for a 2-hour session in all of our arenas.


Players up to the first 10 €280

For up to the first 10 players the price is €280 for all players

Players additional players €20

Every additional player (after the first 10) is charged €20.

Paintballs Group €20

Get additional 500 paintballs to use for more games.

Special Prices

Kids Paintball bookings last 2 hours and get -20% Discount for every person after the first 10. *Example for 12 players: €250 (first 10) + €40 (additional 2) = €290

Kids/Family Bookings

Kids/Family Bookings

The rental of full equipment including overall uniforms, gloves, neck protector, mask and your paintball marker. Included are 250 paintballs for each player.