Team Building - Get to know your co-workers

   Staff Morale - Lift your spirit

  Productive and fun - Enjoy the day and boost your productivity

To make the event more suitable for you, we have a great economical price range with discounts for bulk bookings. Flexibility is important so we are here to work with you so that your event goes as planned. 

Cyprus Paintball has the largest paintball field in Cyprus, with different arenas, for conducting various scenarios between co-workers of small and large corporations. Contact us to help you plan your corporate event!

The Games

Capture the Flag

Work together with your teammates to capture the center flag after the signal. The enemy team has the same goal so you need to work fast and cover each other.


Each team designates a person to be their V.I.P. They have to protect that person at all cost while trying to eliminate the enemy V.I.P to win. Form smaller groups and set goals to achieve these goals.

Castle Siege

In this scenario each team takes the role of the defender while the other team has limited time to manage and siege the castle. Communication and teamwork is necessary to complete this scenario in less time than your opponents.


2000 paintballs


Box of 2000 paintballs. You can purchase several boxes according to the scenarios you want to play.

Have in mind

Participants Min 10

Form two teams and compete in various team-building scenarios

Participants Max 150

Organize a tournament between the company's departments or groups of your choice.

V.A.T. Ex

Prices are ex-VAT