If you are the one in charge of coming up with a birthday party idea you are in luck! Imagine your child's face when they discover that you are going to allow them to invite their friends to a Birthday Paintball Party at Cyprus Paintball! Our friendly staff and referees will make sure that your child's birthday party is one that will most definitely be remembered. We provide all the necessary rental equipment needed for you and your guests to enjoy a game of paintball:

  Protective Mask - Mandatory

   Coverall suit - Recomended

  Gloves & Neck protector - Optional

Safety - Let us abide strict rules

When parents invite other people’s children to a birthday party their first concern is always the same – safety. Cyprus Paintball has very strict rules regarding that, and its safety practices, procedures and equipment are correspondingly high.

Throughout the entire course, Cyprus Paintball’s staff will be inside and outside of the field for security, arbitration and guidance of the children. On these issues, let us abide strict rules regarding the safety of your children.


Food & Cake - bring along any food you would like for your celebration

In case of birthdays, one of our reception areas is available free of charge (depending on availability) for an additional 1 hour if you like for cake and food (pizza, catering etc).

We can help you order from known franchises like Pizza Hut and KFC and have food delivered to our field. We cater for drinks such as soft drinks, juices, coffee etc.  Furthermore we will provide everything else you will need to serve food (disposable plates, forks, ketchup etc) so that you wont have to bring anything except from the birthday cake!

Rough Weather? - No worries

When booking a birthday party we reserve the date and time and no deposit is required. Paintball is an extreme outdoor sport and it can be played during rain or bad weather. We will have to cancel a booking only in extreme situations such as heavy rain or strong wind. BUT in case of bad weather the final call is on you. If you don't feel comfortable with the weather on that day, all you have to do is let us know and we will move the booking in the closest available slot that suits you or even cancel the reservation.

Special Prices

Kids Paintball bookings last 2.5 hours. Minimum charge for the first 10 players €280. Extra players at €20 per player. Example: 12 kids booking = €280 plus 2 extra kids at €20 = Total €320


Players up to the first 10 280

For up to the first 10 players the price is 280

Players additional players €20

Every additional player (after the first 10) is charged €20.

Reception Area 1 hour Free

You can use one of our reception areas for food and cake if you want. Reservation is needed.

Birthday Parties
€280 for the first 10 kids and €20 for any extra kids
2.5 Hour booking

Birthday Parties

The rental of full equipment including coverall suit, gloves, neck protector, mask and your paintball marker. Included are 250 paintballs for each player. Minimum 6 games!

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