Paintball – Fast, fun and extreme

Group Bookings are the most common to play. Friends, coworkers, colleagues ets. gather up and split themselves in two teams. You can play just for fun, mixing the teams once in a while or you can boost the competition by playing competitive scenarios and keep score.

Whatever you choose we promise:

   Unique Experience – in the largest man-made arenas in Cyprus

  Adrenaline Rush – get excited

   Tips & Tricks – from our trained personnel

Included – full equipment and guidance

As you arrive in our field the preparations can begin. All players get ready with all the necessary equipment (overalls, goggles, gloves etc) and a small briefing is performed in order to get familiar with all the safety and game rules.

Paintball Marshall’s will be guiding you through the entire game, in and out of the arena, making sure you have the absolute paintball experience. The game lasts 1.5-3 hours (depending on the number of people participating and the amount of paintballs per player) in which 4-6 rounds of various scenarios will be played.


Package Includes:
€ 35

Package Includes:

– 300 paintballs
– Paintball Marker (gun)
– Mask
– Coverall Suit
– Gloves & neck protector
– Free pictures and videos of the day
– Drinking water included
*Extra Paintballs €7 per 200


€ 30
Per Person


– Unlimited ammo
– 5 games (2 hours)
– GelTag pistol
– Mask
– Free pictures and videos of the day
– Drinking water

€ 25
Per Person


– Price includes full equipment and 500 paintballs.
– Players with own equipment only pay for paintballs:
– 500 paintballs – €15
– 1000 paintballs – €25
– 2000 paintballs – €45


Smoke Grenade € 7
Birthday Parties From € 330

Price includes 10 players – each player after is 20 euro per person. Decorations, balloons, table covers, banners are included in the price. Best to contact us to get more information.

Soldiers Special Offer € 30

Price includes full equipment and 300 paintballs + Free Water. Army ID needs to be presented.

*A deposit is required upon booking.
The deposit is non-refundable in case the booking is cancelled by the player less than 72 hours prior to the game.